Faculty of Business Library Textbooks Winter 2019

These textbooks are provided from the Library's Collection and are mostly older editions. The textbooks are placed on Reserve for 2 hours and physical copies are located behind the Service Desk. Ebooks may also be available, a link will be provided.

NOTE: The Library copies may not be the same edition as required by your professor. Check the edition and ask your professor if older editions are acceptable in that course.

List of Reserve Material: 

BUS-1701-2 : Organizational Behaviour, Laura Montigny

Canadian Organizational Behaviour by Steven L. McShane (9th edition, 2014)

Library's available edition : print book, copyright year : 1995 (2nd edition), 1992 

BUS-2880 : Research and Evidence-Based Management, Blake Jelley

Research Methods for Business : A Skill Building Approach by Uma Sekaran and Roger Bougie (7th edition, 2016)

Library's available edition : print book, copyright year: 2016 (7th edition), 2000 (3rd edition)