ReadCube (Nature journals access)

What is ReadCube?
It is a special document-delivery service between the ReadCube company and the Nature Publishing Group (NPG). 
We don't get Nature online (just in print) or many of the other Nature journal titles in any format because they are too expensive.
This product allows us to provide web-read-only access to Nature articles (as well as the rest of NPG's journals) for just $4 per article read (the Library pays this).
The idea is that if you want to read a Nature article right now, you can, and if you want a copy of the article to keep, use the Interlibrary Loan service as usual to get a permanent copy (or just photocopy from our Nature print subscription).
How it works:
On campus, just go to
Off campus, use the proxied link to Nature
Find a research article in the current or a recent issue (the actual journal, not just "news" around the site). Click on the PDF link. You'll be able to read the first page for free and then when you scroll to the second page, you'll get a popup inviting you to create/use an account.  Create an account to use this service.
Then you can choose a little square button to "rent" the article for 48 hours.
Please send your feedback about this service to
Melissa Belvadi
Collections Librarian