Library Staff

Title Library Unit Email Address Telephone Number
Melissa Belvadi User Experience and Collections Unit 902-566-0581
Leo Cheverie University Archives and Special Collections 902-894-2802
Wendy Collett Cataloguing and Circulation Services 902-566-0713
Robert Drew Digital Initiatives and Systems 902-566-6053
Sarah Fisher Cataloguing and Circulation Services 902-566-0931
Wendy Henderson Central Printing (Administration Unit) 902-566-0558
Yolanda Hood Instruction and Reference Services 902-566-0741
Betty Jeffery [Librarian Emerita]
Rosie Le Faive Digital Initiatives and Systems 902-566-0533
Simon Lloyd University Archives and Special Collections
Peter Lux Digital Initiatives and Systems 902-566-0462
Cindy MacDonald Cataloguing and Circulation Services 902-566-0322
Christine MacLauchlan Data and Research Services 902-566-0445
Judith MacNeil Cataloguing and Circulation Services 902-566-0531
Keltie MacPhail Digital Initiatives and Systems
Pauline MacPherson Administration and Outreach 902-566-0343
Keri Nicole McCaffrey Instruction and Reference Services
Cynthia McKenna Instruction and Reference Services 902-566-6494
Kim Mears Data and Research Services 902-566-0453
Donald Moses Administration and Outreach 902-566-0460
James Murphy User Experience and Collections Unit 902-566-6493
Dorothy Peters Administration and Outreach 902-566-0697
Paul Pound Digital Initiatives and Systems 902-566-0353
Robyn Thomson Cataloguing and Circulation Services 902-566-6497
Larry Yeo Administration and Outreach 902-566-0369