Textbook Champions

The Robertson Library is excited to announce the Winter 2021 Textbook Champions.

As part of the Library's Open Education Resource Development Program, this new initiative highlights University of Prince Edward Island educators who selected open textbooks or open educational materials for their course(s) and showcases the efforts of these educators to reduce student costs and provide equitable access to educational materials.

Click on each name below to learn more about each educator's reason for switching to an open educational resource, the impact of selecting an OER on their course, and finally, advice for educators considering selecting and/or developing an open educational resource.

Philip Smith

Approx. Savings: 

William Montelpare

Applied Human Sciences
Approx. Savings: 

Lisa Chilton

Associate Professor
History and Classics
Approx. Savings: 

Matthew Pauley

Assistant Professor
Approx. Savings: