World Politics Review free trial through March

The Library is offering a free trial of World Politics Review through March 31.

This is a primarily full-text database of original and specially-selected content.

  • Multiple pieces of original analysis every weekday, written by leading experts.
  • Weekly in-depth reports, including features and country reports.
  • Access to full archives of 9,000+ articles.
  • Daily links to must-read news, analysis and opinion from top sources, curated by editors.
  • Daily Associated Press wire stories, selected by editors.

It is available three different ways:

  1. as a standalone database within EBSCOhost
  2. integrated in OneSearch along with our other databases
  3. directly through the World Politics Review website, which has additional content beyond the indexing available in EBSCO and OneSearch

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Publisher's description of the content:


Every day we publish multiple five-minute reads, including our Briefings, Columns and Trend Lines. Our briefings are written by our global network of expert contributors, on matters of current importance. Our lineup of five columnists provides a different authoritative take on international affairs every day of the week. Trend Lines items are brief looks at current events, written by our editors, including our "Global Insider" interview series.


WPR's in-depth, full-length reports provide comprehensive examinations of single subjects. These include our Features, Special Reports, and Country Reports.

News Wire

Our editors help you track the stories that you must follow to stay informed. The News Wire is published on the site and sent out by e-mail every weekday morning (U.S. Eastern time). Our editors link to approximately 30 items from the world's English-language press each weekday. These items include top news, opinion, and off-the-radar stories that have the potential to develop into headline news