Education Resources for the Nunavut Master in Education in Leadership and Learning program

Don't skip the general Education Subject Guide - its resources are not repeated here, including ERIC and CBCA Education.


Delivery services to Nunavut MEd students

The Interlibrary Loan service provides many documents, including individual journal articles and single book chapters, electronically via email.  Tip: Each student may only request one chapter of any given book at a time for electronic delivery, but multiple students can each request one (different) chapter of the same book at the same time.


In addition, the Library will ship some materials to distance education students' homes at no cost to the students. See Off-Island Students & Interlibrary Loan for information.


Contact the ILL staff,, for more information about these services.



UPEI Library Catalogue

The Catalogue provides searchable records for print and electronic books together, and also includes many federal government documents.

The Library offers a low-bandwidth version of the catalogue.

Here are some useful starting searches:

Subject: Inuit - Education (low bandwidth version)

Subject: Indians of North America - Canada - Education (low bandwidth version)

Subject: Indigenous Peoples - Education (low bandwidth version)

E-Book Collections - Direct Search

When you search an e-book collection directly (rather than the records in our catalogue), you can search the entire full text of the books. This can reveal useful chapters that you couldn't find in the catalogue.

Ebrary - our largest collection, over 50,000 total ebooks

MyiLibrary - over 28,000 ebooks

Other Catalogues - can help you identify books to then request via Interlibrary Loan:

University of British Columbia

Uses the same subject headings as the UPEI catalogue does

University of Regina - includes the holdings of the First Nations University of Canada

A good starting search in the U of R catalogue

Canadian Museum of History - Library and Archives: contains a lot of non-print material that you would need to go to the library in Ottawa to use, but useful to know about

Google Book Search - over 10 million books digitized, fully keyword searchable - most of the time you can't read the entire book online, but can often see enough to determine which chapter(s) you need for ILL


Articles (scholarly, newspapers, magazines)

Quick Search - Search all relevant EBSCOhost databases at once (ERIC, Education Research Complete, America: History & Life, SocINDEX, PsycINFO):


Note that some "article" databases also provide index records for other kinds of publications

These are in addition to the general education indexes like ERIC and CBCA Education - see the main Education Subject Guide

SocINDEX - sociology and anthropology sources

Abstracts in Anthropology - smaller anthropology-specific database

America: History & Life (AHL) - mostly history, but recent history can be useful - includes US and Canada

A good starting search in AHL

First Nations Periodical Index - free index, with no ties to our holdings; includes substantial Inuit materials

Eureka - smaller regional newspapers around Canada (full text); includes full text of Nunavut News North starting in December, 2004

Project Muse - a collection of full text scholarly journals with many articles relating to this area

Google Scholar - interdisciplinary index by Google of scholarly materials around the Internet

Important! Make sure you set your preferences to include UPEI! Instructions here.

A good starting search in Google Scholar


Government publications

In addition to publications you'll find in our catalogue, use the Google Custom Search Engine on the Government Information page along with its other helpful links. Use the same search techniques that you can see in the sample starting Google Scholar search above.


Other Canadian Aboriginal Research Guides and Sites

These are not specific to education, but may have useful links depending on your topic. Keep in mind that some will link to restricted resources only available to their own students. Contact the Education Liaison Librarian if you are unsure which ones UPEI also provides access to.

See also the Robertson Library M'ikmaq Subject Guide as many of the resources described there may apply to Nunavut.

UBC Library Guide - "First Nations"

Carleton University - "Northern Studies"

ArcticNet - U of Laval - more focused on environment than people, but some relevant information

CIERA Research Projects - especially socioeconomic statistics compilations relating to Arctic and Inuit peoples

ANKN - Alaska Native Knowledge Network - includes links to many scholarly articles about Alaska Native education

Canadian Council on Learning's "Aboriginal Learning" topic page - an excellent source of "grey" literature

Russell Bishop's Bibliography - primarily about the Maori, has relevance to this program