Education 613

Resources and research tips for Education 613, Qualitative Research

Last updated February 2016.

  • Overview articles
    • Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
      • Hundreds of encyclopedias and handbooks
      • Start with basic search at the top, then use the Limit at the far right to Document Type - Topic Overview
      • Within a full article, find "Citation Tools" at the right to get an APA citation for the article (second tab under the MLA one)
    • OneSearch - Research Starters
      • Searching for a single word or phrase will often result in an offer of a Research Starter at the top of the results.
        These are sometimes provided from an online reference source, like those in GVRL and sometimes written specifically for the Research Starters collection.
      • Within the full article, use the "Cite" link at the far right to get an APA citation to the article, but check the capitalization carefully as it is often wrong for APA
  • Specific source to look in:
  • Finding highly-referenced works
    • - look for articles with a large number after the "Cited by", and especially multiple ones by the same author
    • Use OneSearch (below) to get more complete citation and full text
    • Do NOT rely on the "Cite" feature to give proper APA citations - look at it but it it is often incomplete, so check carefully
  • Finding more books and articles - OneSearch
    • Try first putting your topic in a title search, using the "Select a field" pulldown menu at the right to select "Title" 
    • Add other keywords in the second line to place your topic in context, for instance: elementary education
    • Add names of key theorists/authors (that you identified using the overview tools above) in the second line and use "Select a field" to select "Author" to find major works
    • Use the "Limit To" controls on the left:
      • date range - for more recent materials
      • peer-reviewed - to find only scholarly/academic journal articles - this will drop all books out of the search
      • "Show More" -  to limit to just "Education" sources - also consider including psychology and sociology
    • In a full record, use the "Cite" link at the right to get an APA citation, but check the capitalization carefully as it is often wrong for APA