Collection Development Policy - Appendix G (Collection Depth Definitions)

Collection Depth Indicator Definitions

0. Out of scope

The Library does not intentionally collect in this area.

1. Minimal information level

The Library makes few selections beyond the very basic works.  Coverage may be uneven.

1.a. Minimal, uneven coverage
1.b. Minimal, focused coverage

2. Basic information level

The collection is adequate to provide an introduction and definition of a subject. There will be an indication of the variety of works held elsewhere.

2.a. Basic information, introductory
2.b. Basic information, advanced

3. Instructional support level

The collection contains materials adequate to maintain general knowledge of a subject and sufficient to support undergraduate and most graduate instruction.  It includes a wide range of monographs, representative journals, and a good collection of reference and bibliographic tools pertaining to the subject.

3.a. Basic instructional support
The collection will support undergraduate courses.  (Minor or Major)
3.b. Intermediate instructional support
The collection supports upper division undergraduate courses.  (Honours)
3.c.  Advanced instructional support
The collection supports master’s degree level programs.

4. Research level

The collection contains major published source material containing research reporting, new findings, and scientific experimental results.  It includes all important reference works,  a wide range of monographs, and extensive access to journals.  Older material is retained.

5. Comprehensive level

The collection tries to include all significant works of recorded knowledge.  Older material is maintained and systematically preserved to serve the needs of historical research.  This is a special collection.