Teach About Academic Integrity


This online portal is a resource for instructors to easily include the values of academic integrity into their classes. This page contains various helpful links for your teaching convenience.

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PowerPoint Presentations to teach your students about academic integrity in class. There are scenario presentations which allow class discussion about cases of academic dishonesty, as well as informational presentations specifically for teaching. 


Activities for Students

This page provides a list of downloadable or printable activities to provide to your students as an in-class assignment or as homework.


Course Design

Things to incorporate in your syllabus, including steps on how to add the Moodle badge restriction for the Academic Integrity Tutorial.


Encouraging Academic Integrity

As a teacher at UPEI, you are responsible for ensuring that your students understand how to have integrity in their actions and work, and that there shall be consequences for violating the University's academic integrity policy. This page contains resources for you to better guide your students in being honest in their academic life.


Dealing with Academic Integrity Violations

This page will help you know what to do in the case of one of your students committing an academic integrity violation. 


Policy and Procedure

View our page on UPEI's policy regarding Academic Integrity here.

View our flowchart outlining the procedure in the case of a suspected Academic Integrity violation here.


Links to Other Sites

Academic Integrity Teaching Strategies by York University

Tools for Plagiarism Detection



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