Course Design

Academic Integrity Syllabus Statements

This is a standard description of UPEI's expectations of academic integrity that can be added to a course syllabus. 

As a community of scholars, the University of Prince Edward Island is committed to the principle of academic integrity among all its participants. Academic dishonesty as defined in this Regulation will not be tolerated and, within the constraints of this Regulation and Academic Regulation 12, the University supports instructors in their efforts to deal effectively with cases as they may arise from time to time. For more information, please reference UPEI Academic Regulation 20.


Academic Integrity Tutorial and Badge Restriction

Students have the opportunity to complete the UPEI Academic Integrity tutorial in Moodle.  If a student completes the badge with a 100% score, the student will receive the Academic Integrity Badge. Faculty members can see which students have earned the badge by looking at their student rosters in Moodle.  Faculty can also use this badge as a Moodle Restrict Access Requirement. For example, you can require students to have earned the badge before they are able to begin a quiz or to submit an assignment through Moodle. Students will only have to complete the tutorial once a year to earn the badge.

Moodle course for the UPEI Academic Integrity Tutorial

How to add the UPEI Academic Integrity Badge Restriction to a Moodle Assessment