SciFinder - Setting up an Account (Chemistry)

SciFinder, produced by the Chemical Abstracts Service, is the major index of the chemical literature. It is searchable by chemical structure, chemical name, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula, chemical reaction, research topic, author name, company name, and CA abstract number or patent number.

Instructions for setting up a SciFinder account - Web version (UPEI users only)

First time users have to set up their own individual account, on our UPEI SciFinder account, and select a username and password.

  1. Go to this URL to register for your own account:  and follow the prompts to create an account.
  2. Sign in to SciFinder with the username and password you selected by going to:

Tutorials on using SciFinder  - see


Please Note:

Off-campus users will need to use their UPEI login first, then their SciFinder sign in.

UPEI has a limit of ONE USER. Be sure to end each session by signing out. Scifinder closes non-responsive sessions after 20 minutes. Failure to sign out prevents other users from accessing this resource.

The message "Your allocated system resources are currently unavailable to access SciFinder. Please try again later"  indicates that the Robertson Library's one user limit has been reached.