Student Information

Use of Student Email Addresses

Upon registering at the University of Prince Edward Island, each student is issued a UPEI e-mail address. When corresponding with the University, students must use their UPEI e-mail address to ensure that the receiving party can appropriately identify the sending party. The University of Prince Edward Island takes seriously its responsibility to interact with students in a secure manner that protects their privacy. The only effective way to maximize the probability that e-mail between the University and students remains private is to communicate through the UPEI e-mail system. Students may forward their e-mail to another e-mail address and this function is available in the UPEI e-mail system. However, students should understand that when doing this, there is an increase in the risk that the e-mail will not remain private.

If you have any questions, please contact the University’s Registrar at or the UPEI Privacy Officer at

Use of Student ID Card Photos 

One of the most basic tenets of a good education is establishing relationships between students and professors. A starting point for those relationships is for professors to learn who’s who in each of their classes, and to come to know students as individuals. Even on a small campus like UPEI’s that can be a challenge, especially in large classes, or when professors are teaching several classes with moderate numbers of students in each. The purpose of providing photographic class lists to professors is to help professors learn who’s who in their classes, as early in the semester as is feasible. Of course, learning names isn't an end in itself, and both professors and students need to do more than that to develop effective relationships for teaching and learning. But learning names is a good start, and the photographic class lists are a big help.

As of January 1, 2006, it will be the practice of the University of Prince Edward Island to use students’ Campus Card photographs for the express purpose of creating photographic class lists. If you do not consent, please go to “Campus Login” (located on the UPEI Home Page), click on the “Campus Card Privacy Option” and follow the directions. This will be valid while you are a student at UPEI or unless we hear from you via the Campus Card Privacy Option. If you have any questions regarding this practice, and to ensure that UPEI accurately honours your preference for privacy, please e-mail the University’s Privacy Officer at



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