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Prince Edward Island Collection

Searching for recent articles about PEI? Check our Newspaper (Guardian and Journal-Pioneer) and Periodicals databases (the PEIPAD database provides selective indexing of a wide range of Island newsletters, magazines, etc.).

Please note that PEI Collection materials are only available during Reference/Information Desk hours. During July and August 2013, this Desk will be closed on weekends; if you require access to the PEI Collection on a weekend (or at some other time outside Info Desk hours) during this period, please contact Simon Lloyd (566-0536 *

The Prince Edward Island Collection was established in 1971. It was made possible by the transfer of the assets of the St. Dunstan's University Alumni Association to the University of Prince Edward Island. The interest on this fund is now used to purchase many of the PEI Collection materials.

The Collection includes:

  • A book and periodical component, containing more than 13,000 volumes. These are either about Prince Edward Island, written by PEI authors or published on the Island. Included is a large number of government reports.
  • A collection of maps and charts pertaining to the Province some of which is on display throughout the Library.
  • A large collection of current and historical newspapers on microfilm housed in the Media Centre. This is partially indexed.

Newspaper, book, pamphlet and other vertical file material references (up to and including December 1997) are combined in a Subject card Catalogue which is a supplement to the main Library Catalogue. Journal articles can also be searched by author in the Author card Catalogue. The unique features of these card Catalogues include the references to local newspapers and other local periodicals, pamphlets, etc. which may not be indexed in any other indexing or abstracting source. The card Catalogues also give access to books and journal articles containing some reference to PEI which may be held elsewhere in the library (in the circulating and federal government document collections for example).

In early 2005, references to PEI articles from the years 1998 through 2004 were moved from the Library's on-line Catalogue, into a new PEI Articles Database (PEI PAD). It is still possible, however, to search the Library's on-line catalogue and the PEI Articles Database simultaneously for PEI books and articles together: select the "Also search in the Robertson Library Catalogue" option on the PEI PAD search screen to do this. For the years 1998 through 2000, PEI PAD also includes limited coverage of the Island's two daily newspapers, The Guardian and The Journal-Pioneer, although searchable full-text of both of these newspapers (Guardian, 1997 - present; Journal-Pioneer, 1999 - present) is now available on-line through the PEI Daily Newspapers database (Eureka) . References to all pre-1997 articles - whether in newspapers or other periodicals - must still be searched via the PEI Collection Card Catalogue.

The PEI Collection is housed, along with the University's Archives and a collection of rare books, in the climate-controlled Special Collections facility on the main level of the Robertson Library (past the Media Centre). Requests for PEI Collection materials must be directed to Special Collections staff (except for course reserve materials, which may be retrieved through the Circulation Desk). Materials must be used within the Library, and some photocopying and viewing restrictions may apply to particularly rare and/or fragile items. If you are planning on doing research with PEI Collection materials, please note the times that the Special Collections Room is staffed. PEI Collection materials can only be accessed during these times, except by special arrangement. In times when the Special Collections Room is not staffed, Information Desk staff can provide information on the collection, but may not be able to retrieve material from it. For further assistance in matters relating to the PEI Collection, please contact Simon Lloyd.

University Archives

The Robertson Library houses the University Archives which are located in the Special Collections Area which also houses the Prince Edward Island Collection and Rare Book Collection. This is a small collection of materials relating to the University of Prince Edward Island and its two predecessors: Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University. It includes yearbooks, class pictures, calendars, newspapers and newsletters, newspaper clippings, faculty publications, audiocassettes, videocassettes, and vertical file items.

Archival material may only be used within the Library, and photocopying and/or viewing restrictions may apply to especially valuable and/or fragile items. Please note that Archival materials are only available during Reference/Information Desk hours. During Summer (May - August) 2014, this Desk will be closed on weekends; if you require access to the Archives on a weekend (or at some other time outside Info Desk hours) during this period, please contact Simon Lloyd (566-0536 *

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