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    ERIC is the most comprehensive database in education.
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NOTE Fall 2012: The providers of the ERIC documents full text collection have temporarily removed most documents from online access. Robertson Library has ERIC documents on microfiche from 1997 - 2003,  from ED398352 - ED483046. This ED number is provided as the accession # in the ERIC database.  See library staff for assistance. For all other documents, place an ILL request and include the ED# at the end of the Title.


CBCA - a mix of scholarly and popular articles source with a Canadian education focus (database also includes non-education materials such as business and general reference).


Interdisciplinary topics - use the OneSearch search box on the Library's home page. Examples include education topics in professional contexts such as workplaces and hospitals, for which the business or medical literature may also be useful, or topics involving early childhood development, for which the psychology literatuer may be useful.

Also see the complete list of Education databases - for finding published articles, reports, and other materials;

  • Reserves material - specific reading material selected by instructors of specific courses in education
  • Government resources - special edition of Google for searching Canadian government web sites - good for finding official policies and statistics
  • APA Citation Style - the most commonly used style for education is APA, developed by the American Psychological Association ("APA")
  • Education Learning Commons catalogue - search the collection of the Education department's special collection of professional materials and children's books located in the ELC, 301 Memorial Building

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